WELCOME: Welcome to The Bridge Street Town Centre Half Marathon. We are pleased to have you join us for this major event in Huntsville. We hope your stay in the city will be an enjoyable one and we wish you the best of success in the race. Please read carefully and follow the instructions provided here and on the website. There is also extensive race operations information in the Course Description Section of the on the website.

COMPETITOR NUMBER: This Runner Packet contains your Competitor Number and four pins. You MUST pin the COMPETITOR NUMBER on the FRONT. This number must be worn and visible during the race and when you cross the finish line to be an official finisher. Do not fold or cut your competitor number and please use all four pins. DO NOT (I REPEAT, DO NOT) CROSS THE FINISH LINE WEARING SOMEONE ELSE'S COMPETITOR NUMBER. We have your picture when you finish on video and photo and you and the person to whom the number belongs will be barred from future races. Please do not cross the finish line without a number, or a second time with a friend, or have someone not in the race finish with you. Please support us in scoring the finish.

CHIP TIMING: Each competitor must wear their computerize CHIP on their race number. The Timing Tag can be found on the BACK of your race number. Please DO NOT remove the Timing Tag from the BACK of your number. Chip is a miniature transporter in a specially designed housing marked with a unique identification number. The Chip is the race score device.

PARKING: Please arrive early and park in the parking lots and in the parking garage. There are 4,500 parking spaces, please do not block another car, park only in designated parking spaces.

RACE START: The race will start at 7:00 AM. Runners will be called to the start at 6:50 AM. Listen for and follow the instructions given by the PA Announcer. Place yourself at the start according to your expected finishing time. This is for your safety and so the fast runners will not be blocked. Please cooperate. You must have an official number to be in the race and that MUST NOT BE someone else's number.

TOILETS AT THE START: The toilets at the start are located behind PF Changs. There will sign with directions. Follow the signs. There are also several public restrooms. The public restrooms are located behind Altar’d State on the left near the food court. There is also another set of Public Restrooms past “The Bridge” on the right between H&M and It’s Sugar.

COURSE AID STATIONS – TIMING -TOILETS: The course is marked with painted signs in the road with an "HM" and an arrow or mile number. Follow the directions of the Police and Course Sentries. Aid station locations are approximately Mile 2.75, Mile 5, Mile 7.5 and Mile 10. The FIRST attendant will pass out water, those at the far end of the aid station will pass out POWERADE. There will also be Honey Stinger Gels on the course at Mile 7. Portable Toilets will be available at the start, and near each aid station: (Miles 3,5, 7, and 10). Race numbers will be video taped and photographed at check points and they must be visible. Times will be called each mile. Each mile is painted on the road and the split timer will also have a mile sign. Portable toilets will also be on the course. Please refer to the website for location details.

FINISHING TIME: Course control and the finish operation will be terminated at 11:00 AM. We cannot hold traffic and retain the officials for those running slower than a six hour (4:00) finish pace. You must observe traffic and run at your own risk if you continue. If you are running slower than 4 hours you will be forced to turn left on Explorer Blvd and not be allowed to finish.

AWARDS: The awards presentation will begin at 10:00 AM at Monaco Pictures. Preliminary results will be posted during the finish of the race following each 50 finishers. You must attend the awards or have someone there to receive your award Age group & team awards will not be mailed

RUNNER APPAREL: Runner apparel left at an aid station will be donated to local charity.

MEDICAL AID: If you are experiencing trouble on the course, remember that radio communications is available at the aid stations.

RESULTS PHYSIOTHERAPY: Results Physiotherapy will be at the finish line providing stretching, injury evaluation, and massage.

TIME LIMIT: The finish line will close at 11:00 a.m. If you reach 7.5 miles after 9:15 a.m. you will be asked to turn off the course and turn right on Explorer to proceed to the finish. Your number will be written down and you will not be an official finisher. This is for your own safety and the safety of others.